Spicy BBQ Chicken Omelette

by on Apr.03, 2013, under Food

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Spicy BBQ chicken Omelette” type=”image” alt=”IMAG0275.jpg” ]

After my flapjack crumbpocalypse, here’s proof I can cook 🙂 (and maybe proof I can’t take a good photo) my hand may have slightly slipped with the chilly flakes I added though, it had a little more of a bite than I was planning.

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weird drink flavours

by on Aug.28, 2008, under Food, Random

funny how after drinking a bottle of coke, my fruit juice always has a stronger taste, or maybe its after the chocolate

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Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever

by on Oct.03, 2007, under Food, News

Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever | The Register:

not too much, and not to little, it has to be just right

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Beany thing :)

by on Aug.10, 2006, under Food

I have no idea what to call this but its basically beans and meat.
I was using up some food that was clearly about to go bad, so just threw it all in the frying pan and added beans as I’d run out of sauce.

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Spaghetti Bolognaise

by on Apr.21, 2006, under Food

Last night I decided I’d cook a meal, but you cant cook for one so had to invite a couple of friends over.
So my choice something simple so chilli or spaghetti. As Helen doesn’t like spicy, the obvious choice is spaghetti, but as she doesn’t like garlic either, she missed out on the garlic bread that I cooked very professionally , but Simon helped eat that so no problem there.

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