Its a Story!

by on May.29, 2006, under Rant

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, its a story a work of fiction, it wasn’t published as a history book it was published in the fiction section, its not a reference book, its an entertainment book, why is everyone analysing it as if it was a historical reference book?

I’m a bit bored, and theres some programs on TV about Dan Brown, theyre basically picking fault with everything he’s written about the church. They’re looking at the background to the books and giving more details on the stories hes used, either to debunk them or prove them as fact.

Who cares?

If the church supressed the information or whatever, it doesnt matter the whole religion is based on that, and as religion was originally created to control why is it so suprising that they’d make their stories in a way they want them?

They’re maing far too much fuss over a known work of fiction, this is not written as a replacemtn for the bible, its a work of entertainment, read and enjoy, if you dont like it dont read it.

The Da vinci code is a book, a story, based on ideas other people have had and published as fact (without so much fuss), the book is an entertaining read, did I tihnk oh wow thats so real all the things he wrote they’re so obviously true? no I thought hey that was good I wonder what his other books are like.

They’ve also made a fuss of his other book Angels and Demons, another book based on a church cover up, again they list he got this wrong that wrong etc etc etc.. again so what? it made agood story.

Does it really matter if in a work of fiction a few things aren’t quiet exactly right, its called artistic license, you’re alowed to change things or just simply make them up to make a story work.

Again its a story, a work of fiction, if you choose to read it enjoy it, visit the places if you want, if not well thats up to you but dont force your veiws onto us.

Its funny, a load of religous nut cases kicked upa fuss about Harry Potter too, becasue it glamourised witchcraft, erm thats a kids book, kids like magic hell alot of adults like it too, and I’ve gotta admit the books were a fun read, it didnt make me go out and try to fly a broomstick and most kids know they cant do that as they’ve not been told theyre a witch or wizard. But wouldnt it be cool if…

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