Subjects in emails

by on Mar.31, 2007, under Rant

This is something that’s quite annoying, you get an email newsletter and it says newsletter in the subject, you know what it is and can avoid it if you have other more important things to do.

You receive another email, subject “Hello”, obviously a friend saying hi more important than the newsletter. but maybe not as important as the one with the subject “Going out tonight?”

Then there’s another email with a blank subject! well is this important, what do you want? have you missed off the subject because the mails not important, or missed it off because its so important that I’m forced to read it just to find out what its about?

Really is it so hard to add a couple of words summarising what the emails about before you send it? I’m actually certain outlook asks you if your sure you want to miss out the subject and I’m sure other mailers do the same.

Well that’s all its just annoying when you have another 10+ emails to go through n work out which is the most important

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