by on Mar.31, 2007, under Movies/Tv

Went to see the new turtles animated movie on Tuesday, I was quite impressed with it.

The story is set some time after the live action movies, there’s some new evil genius that’s trying to open a portal into hell (or somewhere similar), the turtles them selves are having problem Leonardo”s off in the jungle and the other 3 are barely coping without a leader.

From that basis the stories pretty much them getting to be a team again so they can beat the evil guy, its actually quite enjoyable and the action scenes were really good, being animated they could get away with anything, monsters and lots of being thrown around.

As for the graphics and animation, both were impressive, I was a little disappointed with the people, impossible hourglass figures on the girls that sort of thing, the flesh tones weren’t too bad, still not perfect but that may have been on purpose and to fit the dark cartoon style.

The turtles themselves looked really impressive very well made, can’t really fault them, the world was again impressive even the weather effects looked amazing, at one point there was a fight on a roof in the rain, n one of the turtles was starting down his opponent with the rain bouncing off his head, it really did hit his head though and even formed little drops that ran down his face.

Definitely worth watching if you are or were a turtles fan, or if your not the actions good anyway, and the graphics are amazing.

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