OMG that was rubbish

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Movies/Tv, Rant

I’ve just watch Five’s Bermuda triangle program, apart from the annoying when we draw away the ocean line – no you mapped the ground with ships and satellites you haven’t drained the ocean! – it was quite interesting, until they decided that there’s a space warp there, they then dumb down the science and explain how a warp drive would work and use this to explain how some guys plain travelled at about 2000mph through a storm. This guy flew into what looked like a tunnel in the storm a big electrical storm with weird electronic fog and strange magnetic fields in the area of the triangle.

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Nightmare on Elm Street

by on Dec.18, 2008, under Movies/Tv

One, two, Freddy’s Comming for you…

OK so its been a while since I bothered writing about a movie so figured it was time considering the amount I’ve been watching I should have a lot to write about.

So here’s the first batch, all seven Nightmare on Elm Street movies, this doesnt include Freddy Vs Jason, which is more recent but isn’t part of the series really.

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Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

by on Jul.18, 2008, under Movies/Tv

Went to see this, the second in the series, it wasn’t that bad, maybe as commented it could have been shorter, but then some of the fighting would have been missed out 🙂 (continue reading…)

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Oceans 13 at the Gala

by on Jun.28, 2007, under Movies/Tv

Went to see Ocean’s 13 at the Gala in Durham.

We were in the small cinema there which had about 4/5 rows of about 10 seats to it so was pretty small, but there was enough room and it wasn’t too uncomfortable, wasn’t very busy either.

The film itself is pretty much more of the same, thieves choose target, thieves break in to get target using elaborate scheme, not much more you can say about it really.

The film itself wasn’t too bad, it was funny had a few twist and turns and was a good watch.

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