Snowboarding Tv's

by on Jun.25, 2007, under Movies/Tv, News

Went snowboarding on Sunday, and discovered that I really am that out of practice, legs ached after the second run up the lift so 2 hours looked set to be tough.
They had the rails out, but didn’t feel confident enough to try that not till I’ve had more practice and my legs don’t feel too tired after the first run!I fell over lots always at the bottom because of the way the snow had gone, and over balancing when I was trying to stop, pretty much every run I was on my knees after stopping… maybe my binding are set wrong… going to blame them anyway
Followed boarding with a Nandos a yummy chicken sandwich followed by over priced chocolate moose (was tiny but nice), seemed to get home later than I expected but nevermind it was still before bedtime 🙂

Right so before I set off to go boarding The old ones decided to go LOOKING for a new TV just to get prices that sort of thing, I got home form boarding and we have this huge 42″ LCD sat in the corner of the front room, HD ready widscreen n all that, looks good, it works, just wait till I plug my computer into that… I’m thinking 42″ widescreen Counterstrike 🙂 shame we’re lacking surround but thats easily corrected, Dads birthday present?

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