Website anti-spam

by on Apr.19, 2009, under Tech Tips

I’ve been looking into stopping spam on my website and the forum I run.

Akismet works great to catch spam from comment forms etc but still needs manual interventin and has a chance of missing some, due to some (easily fixed) issues in the forum implimentation spam still showed up in places till it was deleted.

Bad Behaviour works by checking the information sent to your website by the visitor, if it breaks certain rules it’s rejected and they don’t even see the webiste nevermind get a chance to post.

Combined the two systems have almost totally eliminated spam, and both are really easy to integrate into your own site, and addon ports have been made for a lot of systems too to make things even easier.

I’m also running Spam Karma on my blog which adds even more checks for spammers to fail, just for extra defence.

I reccomend adding these if you can as they do seem to work and I’ve practically eliminate spam from my website and forum.

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