A party political message from…

by on May.13, 2009, under Random, Rant

So the European elections are coming up, and the parties have started trying to get votes or something

I’ve had a letter from labour and lib dems I’m not sure if they’re asking for my vote or just what I want their policies to be about but to sum it up, this is what they’re policies always seem to be

Labour, The tories messed up the country when they were in power over 10 years ago so vote for us becaue they’ll just do it again

Tories, Labour have messed up the country while they’re in power so vote for us because we’re not them

Lib dem, we dont have any policy, so we’re going to ask you what you want, but we’ve not been in power yet so give us a chance

Ukip. we hate foreigners, we’ll get out of europe n kick them all out, we’re also not labour or the tories so vote for us

Green, we want to save the world by annoying everyone and raising taxes, so vote for us and we’ll take you back to the dark ages

Random independent, we’re not going to tell you anything but just appear on your ballet, so vote for us because well with the mess the others have made what have you to loose?

They’re all working a bit of one-upmanship and really show no interest in doing whats right for anyone other than for their back pockets, and makeing sure they discredit the other parties to make sure they get voted in so get more money.

So who to vote for? with the recent exposure of thier “expense” claims for things that have nothing to do with their jobs, as they say power corrupts and maybe they didn’t break any rules, by following the rules to the letter, they maybe didn’t do anything wrong unless you you pay attention to ethics.

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