The internet is for Spam

by on May.25, 2010, under Rant

spam spam spam spam spam

twitter follower spam

facebook application/group invite and update spam

social network status update spam

blog comment spam

forum spam

MMO chat spam

IM Spam

newsletters, supposedly agreed to mailings

virus and phishing  emails

random blog posts

and of course actual spam mail

oh and the millions of ads on webpages

all spam

Twitter followers, start following, in the hope you’ll follow them in return or just follow all the links that every tweet has to their website, thats probably trying to sell something or just paid for by advertising, do they jut add everyone that shows up on the timeline or are they watching for specific words?

Facebook app spam, “Please invite 2million friends to try this pointless app”, it probably wasn’t even that good, but then after that it posts your score for everyone to see, or everytime a friend does something in one of the game apps, it posts a story for everyone to see, no I’m really not interested that someone planted or taken a photo of some flowers in their virtual farm, I’m really not interested in virtual zombie stuff or mafia recruiting. There now a new trend of facebook pages with some funny picture on it that you have to like and invite everyone to to see whatever it is, just share the picture, I don’t want to tell everyone I wanted to know what the picture was, friend x likes funny picture x50, I don’t care! its spam all spam.

Status updates, sometimes theres just too many and too much info, does everyone you know really need to know you just had a big poo?

All the others are pretty obvious, whats the point? would you really buy something you saw a link to on a website or email without word of mouth verification from people you know to be real? Legitimate adverts are fine for letting you know about things but annoying still, but really a link on a forum post thats not even related why do they bother? is it just to boost page rank by having more links so they look legitimate by being high on google?

and all the adverts they either lead to pages hoping to sell something, or to more pages hoping for you to follow their adverts, can you trust them even if they’re on well known pages? probably but the advert people still let through some, and there’s just so many annoying ones, with rollovers or popups and noises

Chat, forum, comment and im spam all sending links to the advert pages trying to make money, its all about attention seeking and money grabbing.

It doesn’t matter what service you use it can be corrupted and abused for spam, thankfully we have some nice people out there that want rid of it all and provide nice little apps that strip ads and block spam messages, just a smae they’re not 100% effective and some slip through

oh and this is spam too

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