Its pancake day!

by on Feb.28, 2006, under Food

As Andy is so kind to remind us that it is pancake day I will also be having banana and Nuttella pancakes tonight or maybe with some maple syrup.

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How to make cookies with Java

by on Feb.04, 2006, under Food, News, Tech Tips

I have no idea what category this should be under food, or tech so its staying in the news, I’m not sure if its mean to to be funny or serious but the cookies look nice

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Another Bacon and Egg "Sandwich"

by on Nov.24, 2005, under Food

Another night of having to cook for myself from near empty fridges and cupboards.

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Lazy Tuna and Pasta

by on Mar.21, 2005, under Food

Well I got home tonight and had to make my own tea. Well I had a look thinking maybe a tin of spaghetti bolognaise on toast or chips but we didn’t have and bolognaise, but we did have a tin of spaghetti in tomato source, and there’s always tuna.

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Chicken and Chips

by on Dec.13, 2004, under Food

Another normal sounding meal, well it was going to be till I realised its safer to cut the chicken and cook it in little peices than it is to cook it whole. It was a frozen chichen breast.

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