Death to viruses/virii

by on Jul.06, 2007, under Rant, Tech Tips

whatever you call them they must be stopped, all forms of malware need eliminating and users educating on how not to become infected

I manage to use a computer practically all day everyday without becoming infected, no virus alerts, pop-ups,infact nothing not a single thing, even with no resident protection on my home pc I don’t get infected, so why are so many people infected ?

Granted if you connect to the internet directly with no firewall you have about 30s before an attack gets you but you’re just plain stupid for not getting someone to set you up properly

Virus writers and crackers give hackers a bad name.

After 4 separate anti-malware apps and about 10 hours I’ve come to the conclusing that re-installing windows would actually have been faster.

First we had the malware detected by Avast, then what was detected by AVG, then spyware doctor then superantispyware

why don’t the anti-malware companies get together and form an uber-definition set that they all use so we can just use 1 app, and instead of we kill x thousand infections, they can sell their own product saying they have faster scanning better detection resident protection etc. that way it wont matter who’s product you use they’ll all clean the same problems

to misquote Lord of the Rings

One list to rule them all, One list to find them, One list to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

with the 1 definition list available it would simplify my job I dont want to run 4 maybe 5 separate programs to clean a system (funny that the one that fixed the problem was the copy command) I want to run 1 scanner that will find all known problems and correct them.

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