OMG that was rubbish

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Movies/Tv, Rant

I’ve just watch Five’s Bermuda triangle program, apart from the annoying when we draw away the ocean line – no you mapped the ground with ships and satellites you haven’t drained the ocean! – it was quite interesting, until they decided that there’s a space warp there, they then dumb down the science and explain how a warp drive would work and use this to explain how some guys plain travelled at about 2000mph through a storm. This guy flew into what looked like a tunnel in the storm a big electrical storm with weird electronic fog and strange magnetic fields in the area of the triangle.

So he enters this tunnel and the clouds are swirling around him, so fast he sees lines, feels himself accelerate then a feeling of weightlessness, so he entered a cyclone was sucked up to 2000mph and spat out the end, I may not know the science right but I know enough to hazard a guess that if the wind had slowly built up and if there was some magnetism going on maybe the plain could have been accelerated using natural probably re-creatable forces rather than relying on science fiction, dark energy and space warps.

They actually spent about 10/15 minutes explaining the science of a space warp and warp drive, apparently you need a positive dark energy behind a ship and a negative infront, but their description of dark energy makes it to be anti-gravity to negative dark energy would be called gravity, in other words its a gravity drive and needs lots of energy probably more than a single thunderstorm would have generated, which is why Star Trek use a matter anti-matter reaction to power their warp core.

Anyway rant over, I’m going to see if I can figure out who dunnit in CSI: Miami before Horatio gets them

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