Snowboarding Tv's

by on Jun.25, 2007, under Movies/Tv, News

Went snowboarding on Sunday, and discovered that I really am that out of practice, legs ached after the second run up the lift so 2 hours looked set to be tough.
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by on Jun.07, 2007, under Movies/Tv

We went to see Zodiac, it was good and quite interesting, there’s not really a lot I can say about this.

The film is based on the actual case files of the Zodiac killer, so if you know about it the film wont come as much of a surprise. I didn’t even know it was a true story till the film started.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 3, At Worlds End

by on May.31, 2007, under Movies/Tv

Went to see pirates of the Caribbean 3 last night, it was good and worth the rush to get out the house on time, we could have had better seats if we’d got there sooner but there were good enough.

The film continues the story not long after the end of the second one, with Jack dead and his friends wanting to rescue him.

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Sunday birthday meal, Spider-man 3

by on May.16, 2007, under Movies/Tv, News

little bit behind with this but never mind

Went out for my birthday to TGI Fridays and then bowling and I must say the meal was rather good πŸ™‚ I don’t think anyone had any complaints apart from maybe Scott for getting a few too few chips.

After the meal we went bowling and even though I was playing really bad, it was good fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Wednesday after, went to see Spider-man after an ok meal at Pizza hut that involved far too much food, but nevermind it was nice.

The film itself wasn’t as good as the others, maybe its because I’ve only seen them on a small screen but the action seemed to fast in the action scenes you couldn’t really keep up with what was happening, and there was so much more they could have done with the story had they made the film longer and maybe if they’d left out some of the relationship side of it, I know its important to the story but it seemed a bit more than they needed. Was still a good film but maybe after a full meal I wasn’t really in the mood to sit in the cinema, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it on DVD πŸ™‚

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by on Mar.31, 2007, under Movies/Tv

Went to see the new turtles animated movie on Tuesday, I was quite impressed with it.

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