Subjects in emails

by on Mar.31, 2007, under Rant

This is something that’s quite annoying, you get an email newsletter and it says newsletter in the subject, you know what it is and can avoid it if you have other more important things to do.

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Why, just why??

by on Jan.11, 2007, under Programming, Rant

Why do we have to have so many different ways of browsers implementing standards.

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I hate summer!

by on Jul.17, 2006, under Rant

I hate summer its too hot, in winter if its cold you can put more clothes on or turn the heating up, in summer if theres no air conditioning, you can only take so much off (decency/dress code),  and if thats not enough you have to suffer the heat, n be uncomfortable.

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Its a Story!

by on May.29, 2006, under Rant

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, its a story a work of fiction, it wasn’t published as a history book it was published in the fiction section, its not a reference book, its an entertainment book, why is everyone analysing it as if it was a historical reference book?

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Computer User Licenses

by on Apr.03, 2006, under Rant

Wouldn’t it be great if, to use a computer you had to have a license to prove you were capable of using it safely on your own without a geek standing over you to make sure you dont download 3gig of spyware?

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