DVD piracy notices

by on Nov.11, 2008, under Rant

Am I the only person that these annoy?

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Warning lights at the side of the road

by on Dec.14, 2007, under Rant

They seem a bit pointless, your driving along in fog, you know its foggy becasue you cant see vary far or your lights are being reflected by the fog and any lights visible have a little glow around them

you pass one of these light signs and they say FOG, why? is it not blatantly obvious that its foggy, maybe the whole limited visibility isn’t obvious enough for some people they think that telling people its foggy will do what? make them realise that it is, surely if they hadn’t noticed that themselves then a sign isn’t going to help

warning fog patch ahead, fine it mightn’t be visible yet, but a sign warning you its foggy in the middle of thick fog is a bit silly really

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Death to viruses/virii

by on Jul.06, 2007, under Rant, Tech Tips

whatever you call them they must be stopped, all forms of malware need eliminating and users educating on how not to become infected

I manage to use a computer practically all day everyday without becoming infected, no virus alerts, pop-ups,infact nothing not a single thing, even with no resident protection on my home pc I don’t get infected, so why are so many people infected ?

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Stupid cars

by on Jul.05, 2007, under News, Rant

I’m sure my car was build to fall apart

I think its had faults since day 1, the main one being the rev counter not working properly in certain weather
its been in the garage for services where they can’t find anything wrong, its been in for problems where there’s nothing wrong or another garage has found the problem’s more serious

ite been repaired for some electrical fault that stopped the gears working

and now the radiator decided to break n need replacing! so I now have a shiny new radiator for my car

what’s the point in paying so much money for a car if they’re not built well enough to last must beyond the warranty? The warrenty should be to catch any obvious faults with it, it shouldn’t then start falling apart!

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Spiders and spy cameras

by on May.16, 2007, under Rant

These nasty buggers are giving me loads to write about ๐Ÿ™

I’m being watched, and its by a spider, or it appears to be a spider it could very well be some high-tech surveillance system made to look like a spider just to creep out anyone that’s being watched

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